Mark your calendars, it’s Christmas in July!

It’s finally July folks, and that means it’s time to get jolly!


Now that summer is well underway and hotter days are upon us, it’s only natural to start dreaming of cooler weather and holiday cheer. And if you’re anything like us, you can’t wait to get a head start on some good old-fashioned early bird holiday shopping!

We’ve got some great tips for you in this article to ensure you’re prepared for everything this holiday season will throw your way, along with some top-notch gift ideas that are so great, even Santa Claus won’t be able to compete!

Here are our Top Five Ways to Ensure Your Holiday Season Runs Smoothly:

1. Make a detailed list of everyone you’re looking to purchase gifts for this year.

Be sure to include everyone from your boss to your child’s teachers to guarantee you won’t have to go on any pesky last-minute shopping expeditions before this years Christmas party! And of course, don’t be afraid to start knocking items off your list well before Christmas, as this will help to ensure you get your special someone exactly what they’re looking for before it sells out.


2. Feeling creative this year?

Personalized and custom gifts are the perfect way to express someones special and unique position in your life! We recommend placing orders for items like these starting now through mid-November, as custom items often need sufficient time to be created and can’t be quickly picked up in store. Check out our website Cabany Co. for some great personalized gift ideas, we specialize in a wide variety of personalized products, such as engraved watches and more!

3. Don’t be the last to set your tree up!

Home decor is an easy way to turn any house into a home, and there is no season that shows this more than the holiday season. Our favorite place to start is with our holiday tree, where we just can’t help but to add new ornaments to our collection each year! Whether you’re looking to spruce up your own holiday decor this season or just looking to add to a loved ones holiday collection, ornaments are a great way to spread holiday cheer and let someone know you care.


4. Be sure you don’t show up to the family or company Christmas party empty-handed. 

What’s a better way to get into the holiday spirit than with a good ‘ol bottle of spirits? If you’re looking to fancy up that bottle of wine or peppermint schnapps you planned on bringing to this years Christmas party, we’ve got you covered. Forget tossable wine bags and ribbons this holiday season, it’s all about eco-friendly cruelty-free transport these days, and yes, we mean for our booze! Check out these bottle totes that are not only great for easy transportation and the environment but can be personalized to every order so that they can double as terrific gifts!

5. Get travel plans sorted out early and stay organized.

Travel with comfort and assurance this holiday season by making sure all travel documents and baggage is properly accounted for. Passport holders are a great way to keep important documents organized and safe during your travels. We also recommend marking all baggage with luggage tags to help ease pickup during baggage claim and to ensure nothing will be misplaced during your journey. Products such as this can be found here on our company website.


With tips like these under your belt, you’re guaranteed not only to “wow” your loved ones but to stay stress-free this holiday season! Now that’s what we call holiday cheer!