Planning the Perfect Little Personalized Wedding

Are you Ready for the Big Day? 


(Product Shown Above: Personalized Sunglasses, available for purchase on our website.)

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting things to experience but also one of the most overwhelming ones. One of the biggest problems people experience is trying to create a celebration that is as extravagant as their love but as personal as the unique bond between the happy couple. It’s easy to get swept up in the chaos of it all and to forget little touches that will without a doubt ensure your special date is one you will always remember. Because we want to ensure this doesn’t happen to you, we’ve gathered up a short list of a few wedding must haves to give you the perfect little personalized wedding that will be sure to “wow” your guests for the years to come.

The Exchanging of Vows

The exchanging of vows and wedding bands is the most important part of any wedding ceremony. There is nothing more beautiful than witnessing two people express their love for one another and to see them exchange rings in symbolism of their endless union. Because we find this exchange to be so heartwarming and essential to every wedding celebration, we’ve created tons of personalized ring boxes to keep your wedding rings secured and ready for that once in a lifetime special moment.


Three Cheers for the Happy Couple

It’s celebration time and we’re ready to toast to your love! Adding a personalized wine caddy to your wedding table is a smart and stylish way to store a bottle and glasses together. Our personalized wine caddies can make for perfect centerpieces and are engraved and stained individually to every order. The Mr. & Mrs. Wine Caddy, as shown below, is a must have for your special day and an all time customer favorite!


Customize Your Cake

Tired of seeing the same little plastic bride and groom cake toppers at literally every wedding you go to? Are you looking to be unique and bring something new to the table (and your cake) on your big day? So was everyone here at Cabany Co. and that’s why we worked closely with our design team to create tons of new personalized cake toppers just for the 2018 Wedding Season. You can check them out here on our company website.


Don’t forget to plan your Grand Exit

Kick that can to the side, it’s 2018 and we’re not stringing cans to cars anymore to make an exit on our wedding day! Keep things classy and simple on your special day with a personalized sign. We’ve got tons of options available in a variety of different colors to ensure you can customize any sign to match your wedding scheme!


Make sure your bags are packed

Go ahead and plan that perfect honeymoon getaway to celebrate your union, you two love birds deserve it! But don’t forget to be as detailed in planning your honeymoon as you have been planning the ceremony itself. A great way to ensure that your getaway is as relaxing as possible is to pack your bags in advance and label them with identification. Personalized luggage tags are a great way to ensure nothing gets lost during baggage claim, and if anything does, a fantastic way to ensure it gets returned to you right away!


We hope this list of must-haves has helped you to plan your day to its fullest and makes it every bit as special as you’d ever hoped it would be! And don’t forget, the best way to ensure you’ll have the perfect little personalized wedding is to make sure it’s spent with your perfect someone and that you’re both surrounded by your loved ones.